Physical Therapy






Tracey E. Blackmore, MSPT
Tracey graduated in 2001 from Washington University in St. Louis with her Masters in Physical Therapy.  She followed her passion for pediatrics and joined Pediatric Specialty Associates, INC in 2002.  She has been working with the First Steps Program serving the early intervention population (newborn-3 yrs old) since graduation.  She has been on the Eligibility Determination Team from the initiation of them to First Steps.  She has attended continuing education courses to expand her areas of expertise in kinesio-taping, electrical stimulation, orthoses, intro. myofascial release, sensory integration, and manual handling techniques to name a few.  She has worked with a wide range of diagnoses, including but not limited to, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, developmental delay, Dandy Walker syndrome, prematurity, rare genetic syndromes, low tone, high tone, spina bifida, and club feet.  She emphasizes the importance of parental education and makes sure to incorporate fun during the session.  Tracey and her husband Josh were blessed with their son, Brooks, in December 2009 and twins in 2013 , currently live in Carmel.  Unfortunately, Brooks passed away of a brain tumor in May 2016. Tracey has become an advocate for raising money for finding a cure for Pediatric Cancer.

Jamie Blessinger, DPT

Jamie graduated in 2015 from Ball State University with a BA in Exercise Science. She then moved to Indianapolis where she completed her Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Indiana University. During her schooling, Jamie was a board member for GoBabyGo, a program that supplies modified ride-on vehicles for children with disabilities. Additionally, she attended numerous national conferences and continuing education courses to further develop her skill set. Though newly employed in the early intervention setting, Jamie completed her 3 month clinical experience with PSA during which she gained extensive hands-on experience, knowledge and training. She has had the opportunity to work with various diagnosis such as torticollis, plagiocephaly, developmental delays, intrauterine drug exposures, cerebral palsy (CP), Down syndrome, and complications due to prematurity. Jamie looks forward to continuing her passion for providing care for infants and toddlers. Outside of therapy, Jamie enjoys traveling, spending time with friends and family, and swimming.

Melinda Burke, MSPT
Mindy graduated from the University of Evansville with a Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy. She has 10 years of pediatric experience working with the birth to three population and has also served as the physical therapist for a school system. Mindy has experience in the evaluation and treatment of diagnoses such as prematurity, torticollis, brachial plexus injury, osteogenesis imperfecta, arthrogyposis, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, autism, muscular dystrophy, Down syndrome, hypotonia, and visual impairments. She is very comfortable with treating children that have a tracheostomy and ventilator. Mindy greatly enjoys working with children and is truly passionate about helping children and their families reach their goals. She believes that children should enjoy therapy and works to make the therapy session family and child centered. She and her husband have a 6 year old daughter and 4 month old son.

Heather Handley, DPT
Heather Handley graduated from the Indiana University School of Health and Rehabilitation Science’s Doctorate of Physical Therapy program in May of 2012. Heather enjoys working one-on-one with families, applying her knowledge and skills (both as a mom and a doctor of physical therapy) in the area of pediatrics. When she is not working directly with children she dedicates time to staying current on the latest research to provide evidence-based solutions for her families. Heather has experience in the treatment of diagnoses including developmental delay, prematurity, torticollis, plagiocephaly, traumatic brain injury, high/low muscle tone, prenatal substance exposure, and genetic disorders. Heather has practiced and taught yoga and enjoys incorporating yoga into her treatments for older children. Heather grew up in Portland, Oregon, but now calls Indianapolis her home. She enjoys spending her free time with her eight-year old son.

Kelsey Keefer, DPT
Kelsey graduated from Indiana University with a BS in Kinesiology in 2009. She has specialized in pediatrics since receiving her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the Indiana University School of Health and Rehabilitation Science in 2012. Kelsey has 6 years experience working with the birth to three population and has served as a pediatric physical therapist in outpatient as well as school settings. Her passion lies in early intervention where she has had the privilege to serve families and children with a variety of diagnoses including but not limited to extreme prematurity, cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome, spina bifida, club foot, seizure disorder, torticollis, plagiocephaly, autism and various genetic conditions. Kelsey lives in Indianapolis with her husband and enjoys yoga, running, reading and spending time with friends & family. She and her husband welcomed a baby girl this past December 2017.

Miranda Paris, DPT, PCS
Miranda is a board certified specialist in pediatrics and is an active member of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). She graduated with a BS in Kinesiology from Indiana University in 2006. She has been working for Pediatric Specialty Associates ever since receiving her doctorate in physical therapy in 2009 from Mount St Joseph University in Cincinnati. Miranda has also worked for Riley Hospital for Children, gaining years of experience working with medically complex children. She continues to expand her knowledge in the field by attending continuing education courses across the country each year. Her experience also includes working with children with SMA, achondroplasia, arthrogryposis, spina bifida, tracheostomies, congenital heart disease, intracranial hemorrhage, prenatal substance exposure, torticollis, cerebral palsy, down syndrome and many other genetic conditions and developmental delays. Miranda lives in Indianapolis with her husband, and enjoys reading, working out and spending time with friends/family.

Lacey Sinnett, DPT

Lacey graduated from Purdue University in 2009 with her Bachelor’s degree in Movement and Sports Science. She then attended IUPUI where she graduated in 2012 with her Doctorate of  Physical Therapy. Lacey has a passion for working with children, and finds this career very rewarding. While in graduate school, Lacey took specialty clinicals in the NICU and with pediatrics including First Steps. She feels she has been blessed to work with children with many different diagnoses including prematurity, developmental delay, cerebral palsy, downs syndrome, torticollis, autism, and various genetic conditions. Lacey lives with her husband and 2 dogs on the southwest side of Indy. She is thankful for and proud of her husband who serves in the Indiana National Guard and has participated in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. In their free time, Lacey and her husband love to hike, camp, travel, and spend time with family.

Heather Smith, MSPT

Heather is a 2003 graduate of University of Evansville with a Masters degree of Physical Therapy.  She has been working as a physical therapist within the First Steps system for the past 7 years, and providing evaluation services as part of an Eligibility Determination team for the past 5 years. It has been Heather’s pleasure to serve families and children with a wide variety of needs including but not limited to:  extreme prematurity, seizure disorders, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, as well as other various developmental delays. Heather is also experienced in working with medically fragile children with feeding tubes, tracheostomies, and that are ventilator dependent.  Heather and her husband Andy have been blessed with four beautiful children of their own. It is Heather’s goal as a provider to not only meet the therapeutic needs of each child, but to also be attuned to the individual needs of each family and their desires for their children.