About Us


Pediatric Specialty Associates (PSA) was founded in 1999 and has grown to become one of the largest First Steps service providers in central Indiana. PSA offers quality home-based services for children with special needs aged birth through three years.

Our team of therapists pride themselves on providing the highest quality of care in a warm, supportive environment, one in which the child’s strengths are always the focus. Therapists work with families to create meaningful goals to maximize a child’s functional abilities. PSA strives to empower families in the decision making process as they are ultimately the experts in regards to their children. PSA therapists consider themselves a support system for families as they face the unique challenges of raising a child with special needs. Our therapists are committed to continuing their education throughout the year in order to provide the most current, up-to-date practices.

Once a child reaches their third birthday and “ages out” of First Steps they may qualify to receive their therapies in the public school system. However, PSA is In-Network for Anthem/Blue Cross and can continue providing services through insurance beyond age three if necessary. Please contact our office at (317) 405-9016 to inquire more information.